xcut - manipulate X11 cut and paste buffers

Development on xcut has ceased. Please use the fine xclip program instead.


xcut is a small but useful program which can take standard input and store it in the X cut buffer, and also work in reverse by writing the X cut buffer onto standard output.

The idea for this program came from having to manually cut and then paste MIT magic cookie information for remote X logins. It really annoyed me so I found a book on X11 programming and figured out how the cut and paste buffers worked and xcut was born! Since then, I've actually found xcut to be useful for other tasks, mainly taking the output of shell commands and pasting them into emacs.

xcut is distributed under the GNU Public Licence (GPL).


[26/8/00]Moved project to sourceforge.
[22/10/99]I just made a "silent" update to the version 0.2 tar file as it didn't contain a top level directory. D'oh!


To compile xcut, a correctly configured setup of Imake is required. If you don't have Imake installed or it is badly configured, you'll have to create your own Makefile, using the -I and -L options of your compiler to point to your X11 include files and libraries. Type 'make' to compile xcut. Type 'make install' and 'make install.man' to install xcut and the manual page, respectively. xcut has been tested on the following systems but is likely to work on many more. To build the manual page from the .yo file, the YODL documentation package is required. YODL can be obtained in RPM format from the redhat-contrib archive, or from ftp://ftp.icce.rug.nl/pub/unix/.



The following versions are available for download. The latest version is version 0.2.

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